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WSC and Related Events and Write-ups:

A CTV Survival Story from Ontario (June 2015)

A CTV Survival Story from BC (June 2015)

David's  Article 'DIY Survival' in Canoeroots Magazine (Summer 2014) See page 26

Project Ultimate Survivor Award (Nov 2013)

See our Fire-Starting Videos on You-Tube (2012):
Part 1 / Part 2

Project Ultimate Survivors 2012

Survivorman Les Stroud At Marble Lake Lodge (The Frontenac News, 2012-09-06)

A Weekend with Les Stroud (Deerhurst Inn, May 2007)
- View Photos

Tripping: Going Hard: article from Outpost Magazine, Issue 55 (Jan/Feb 2007)
Page 1 / Page 2


Canada in the Rough (Hunting Show): Season 2, Episode 1, July 2006

Web Review ( Closer to Nature, May 2006

Press Release: Bark Lake Re-Development, April 2006

Notes from TVO Survival Show, March 2006

An Evening with Dr. David Suzuki (in Support of the Leslie Frost Centre) Feb 2006, Toronto

Popular Mechanics magazine, August 2005 - 100 Things You Have to Do Out There (see tip #42)

Explore magazine, July/August 2005 - Outdoor Survival

Outdoor Canada magazine, May 2005 - Expert Tips on Survival

Teaching Teamwork - In the Great Outdoors (The Record, March 13, 2004)



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