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May 2007

Hot off filming on the sands of the Kalahari Desert and an appearance on ABC’s The View, TV's “Survivorman,” Les Stroud is making a spring return to Deerhurst Resort to share the inside scoop on his latest expeditions and to launch his new CD “Les Stroud and the Pikes."

The resort's 2nd annual Survivorman weekend will kick off with a Friday evening gathering themed around his early “Stranded” shows. On Saturday he'll keep participants on the edge of their seats with a mid-day session encompassing everything from being prepared for an urban disaster to the latest innovations in green living and what it’s really like to shoot those one-man videos. David Arama, owner of the WSC Wilderness Survival School and one of Stroud’s early mentors, will take guests on a hands-on hike that includes shelter construction, starting a fire minus the matches, edible and useful plants, signaling and other vital know-how.Attendees will also enjoy an advance screening of a never-before-seen episode from the upcoming season of Survivorman, shot this year in Ecuador. They can also watch high school students and adults race in the Sault College and Frontier Adventure challenges taking place on-site.

And the weekend’s high note promises to be the debut of Stroud’s latest adventure, an album of adult contemporary/blues rock recorded with Saskatoon-born band The Northern Pikes.

DID YOU KNOW that Les Stroud, who lives 'off the grid' near Huntsville, has his production office tucked away in Deerhurst’s historic lakeside Lodge, the same building that holds the resort’s long-running live stage shows.


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