WSC - Emergency Response Tips - March 2006

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TVO Survival Show - Emergency Response Tips
ON AIR: Tuesday, March 14 - 05:00 AM

You're having dinner with your family and suddenly your son starts to choke. Do you know what to do? If you get lost in the wilderness, do you know how to survive? Or, if your spouse breaks her leg while hiking and help is hours away, do you know how to wrap the leg and who to call? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then today's show is for you. Our guests will teach you everything from CPR to treating broken bones to which wilderness plants you can eat. As well, learn how to spot signs of heat stroke, hypothermia and near drowning. Our guests are: Mike Webster, Executive Director of Wilderness Medical Associates and David Arama, Director of WSC Survival School.

Emergency Response Information:
• Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre: 1-800-267-7270

Anti-venom depot (in case of rattlesnake bite):
• Parry Sound Hospital: 705-746-9321 ask for ER
• Sudbury General Hospital: 705-674-3181 ask for ER

Police (for an emergency in Ontario): 1-888-310-1122
Marine and Air Search & Rescue: 1-800-267-7270

Forestfire Reporting:
• Northern Ontario: 1-888-284-3473
• Northeastern Ontario: 1-888-863-3473

Ambulance & EMS phone numbers outside the 911 region are completely different area to area. Here are some (but not all) of the services numbers. People should have the local EMS service, if not 911, before they venture out.
• Killarney Ambulance: 705-287-2621
• North Bay: 705-474-7400
• Moosonee: 705-658-1111
• Moose Factory: 705-658-4544
• Temagami: 705-569-3434
• Englehart: 705-544-7777
• White River: 807-822-2314
• Marathon: 807-229-2232
• Wawa: 705-856-4203
• Northwestern Ontario: 807-475-5200
• Nipigon: 807-887-3388


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