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The WSC Survival School is now, more than ever, involved in promoting the outdoors, safety, and survival, on television.

David Arama, the Director, has been involved in, and continues to offer, services in the following:

  • contracting for all survival consulting, series prep work, scoping of film sites, safety and behind-the-scenes crews;
  • hosting / co-hosting, survival acting, and survival stunts; and,
  • survival series productions

David's Film Industry Credits include:

  • YTV's Survive This! TV series (survival consultant, survival trainer for the castaways, Co-Host for some episodes)
  • Outlaw-Inlaws Slice TV (survival episode, Co-Host and Instructor)
  • OLN's Camp n' Out series (Survival Segment Host)
  • Global TV's Body an & Health series (2 episodes on survival and winter camping)
  • TSN's The Great Outdoorsman series (1 episode on survival skills)
  • Angler & Hunter Television (1 episode on survival skills)
  • U8TV's The Lofter series (1 episode on survival tribes)

As well, he has done numerous appearances discussing survival tips as a news story, with:

  • The Weather Network
  • Global Television (including a 2-part series on survival in a car in a snowstorm)
  • Rogers Cable daytime TV shows
  • CBC Radio
  • The Outdoor Journal Radio Show
  • Discovery Channel (with Les Stroud "the Survivorman", and David proudly reminds us that he was Les's original survival instructor!)


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