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For the hardier outdoor adventurers, this course teaches you to camp comfortably in the winter.

The format of the program will vary based on the site or vendor.


To prepare participants to plan cold-weather overnight outings with confidence and safety. Teaches the special concerns of cold-weather camping and snowshoeing fundamentals.


  • how to select and setup winter camping gear,
  • clothing and footwear,
  • winter camping and sledding,
  • water and food requirements in sub-zero temperatures,
  • how to construct quinzees (snow huts), and,
  • how to travel by means of snowshoe. 

Special consideration will be given to the problems faced in sub-zero temperatures, such as hypothermia, food storage, water procurement, travelling in deep snow.


  • 4 three-hour evening seminars, or 2 seven-hour Saturday sessions, plus,
  • a weekend backpacking/ snowshoeing trip to a wilderness area near Georgian Bay.


Students will plan and carry out a winter camping trip to a remote wilderness site.  Partial outfitting is available. Participants are responsible for their own food and transportation.


Site / Vendor Start_Date Classes Outing_days Outing_dates
Moon River 2017-Mar-04 0 2 Mar 4-5
Humber College 2017-Feb-09 5 2 Mar 4-5
(Moon River, Georgian Bay)
2016-Feb-27 0 2 Feb 27-28
Conestoga College 2015-Feb-11 2 2 Feb 28-Mar 1
(Moon River, Georgian Bay)
2015-Mar-01 0 2 2015-Mar-01/02



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