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Learn how to cope with the type of medical emergencies that can happen in the wilderness.


To learn the first aid skills you might need when 911 is not an option.


  • panic avoidance and crisis management,
  • leadership and decision-making,
  • wound care management,
  • improvised stretchers,
  • splinting,
  • design and contents of a good first-aid kit,
  • evacuation versus rescue initiation, and,
  • the top 20 causes of serious injury and death in the wilderness, e.g. hypothermia, heat-exhaustion, dehydration, lightening, insects, and environment related problems and mishaps. 

The notion of "extreme outdoors sports" will be discussed and analyzed. 


Normal format is:

  • a 9-hour seminar, or equivalent evening sessions, and,
  • a 9-hour field lab.

Several optional formats are available for this program (contact us with your request):

  1. 1-Day Basic Wilderness First Aid course, held in a wooded setting.  $75 pp
  2. 2-Day Advanced Wilderness Safety Program, 1-day classroom + 1 day field practical. $125 pp
  3. 2-Day Advanced Program, including CPR-C/AED Heart & Stroke. $150 pp
  4. 3-Day Advanced Program, including Standard First Aid + CPR-C/AED. $199 pp


Course manual available at the first session, $24.95.
A practical field laboratory will include assessments of several realistic wilderness mishaps.
Optional certification in C.P.R (Heart and Stroke) will be available at an additional fee of $99.00.


Site Start_Date Classes Outing_days Outing_dates
Humber College 2017-Apr-29 0 2 Apr 29-30
Robertson Tract, Milton 2017-Apr-09 0 1 Apr 9
Humber College 2017-Apr-08 0 1 Apr 8



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