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This course is specifically designed for students who are looking to complete the Outdoor Certificate Program, and wish to pursue leadership and/or outdoor business ventures.


To acquire an overview of the skills involved in setting up a business, emphasizing the wilderness and its peripheral topics.


  • curriculum design,
  • marketing and publicity,
  • safety and crisis management,
  • logistics of wilderness tripping, and,
  • program development.


  • 2 seven-hour all day sessions, or 4 three-hour evening sessions.


Students who have completed several Wilderness Pursuits courses and are looking to assume leadership or a business avenue will benefit from this course.
The opportunity to network with Wilderness Survival School and Outdoors Pursuits members will give students support and ideas for outdoor ventures.
Volunteer co-op opportunities will be available to further your training and level of expertise.
Development of your business plan will be an assignment within this program.


Not offered this semester, but available on request



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