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This program is ideal for individuals seeking to purchase acreage, learn to construct an elementary log dwelling from the ground up.


To enable participants to have an understanding of site acquisition, log cabin construction, and be able to plan and build one of their own.


  • purchasing acreage
  • obtaining legals /permits /mortgages
  • looking at log cabin kits
  • introduction to Scandinavian-style full-scribe saddle-notch construction
  • basic square timber chinked log building theory
  • appropriate log selection, debarking, and drawkniving techniques
  • uses and care of axes, chisels, and various hand tools
  • log trusses /log stairs
  • site selection, foundation, building, and budgeting.


  • 4 evening sessions, plus,
  • the opportuniy to participate in the actual construction of a log cabin (Level 2)

There will be an additional fee for gear - details tba.

Taking a log cabin program can be a unique way of building confidence for those thinking about constructing a log home or cottage, ye tknowing little about them. Get a hands-on feel for creating your own log structure.

Click here for infomation about our Log Cabin Consulting offering.

By the Way:

We are also able to help you with real esate investing, which may be of interest if you are planning to build.

Click here for more information.


Not offered this semester, but available on request



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