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Instructor: David Arama, Licensed REALTOR/RECO/CREA member, Keller Williams, Property Developer/Investor, Rental Property Manager.

Duration: Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.; or 3 evenings 7 – 10 p.m.

Included in workshop: all instruction, case studies, discount coupons from service providers (eg. Home inspector), realtor investor services, contact info for various sources.

A 1-day hands-on information-packed workshop designed to de-mystify the real estate investment decision, “prevent costly mistakes”, and save you money!
……to rent or own, invest in rental income property, cottage or waterfront versus stock market???? to hire a realtor, property appraiser, home inspector, lawyer, contractors????
.....pre-fab kits versus resale versus transporting existing building to your lot….

Students will be enabled to make informed decisions, resulting in wise investing in real estate!

9:00 - Introductions, Why Here, Goals & Objectives
9:15 - WSC Developer Corp. and Keller Williams story
9:30 - Mortgage financing: brokers/private/law firms….1st., 2nd., VTB, Private, RRSP
Community Access Partners (seed), CMHC, Equity Lines of Credit
10:00 - Case Study: Burk St. (0-cashflow) versus Southridge versus “The Brocks”
10:15 - 15 Minute Break
10:45 - CMHC Grants, Community Upgrade Programs
11:00 - REALTORS: choosing a buyer agent versus listing agent, fees/commisions,
Services provided, MLS program versus, FSBO/Auction/Bank sales
12:00 - Appraisals: MVA-Realtor versus Bank (certified appraiser) versus MPAC,
Value-determination, over-improved
12:30 - Lunch 30 minutes (and consultations with instructor, contacts etc.)
1:00 - Buying your first property/home: single owner versus matrimonial versus joint tenancy, closing costs (lawyer, CMHC mortgage insurance, land-transfer taxes etc.), zoning and by-laws, freehold versus condo versus co-op, rental income (in-law suite/accessory apartment), home inspection, pest inspection, other inspections (septic, well-water etc.), common mistakes, value (physical versus emotional)
….to rent or buy? Equity statistics, wealth-building….what am I getting into?
2:00 - Investment Properties/Rental-Multi-Units: zoning, by-laws, fire & safety and local codes (building/construction permit office), live-in versus absentee, WRAMA Landlord Association, Tribunal/Tenant Protection Act., Duplex/Triplex/Multi-Units / Commercial / Student and Rooming Houses, Legal Non-Conforming versus Illegal, Insurance, Property Management Co’s, ROI, Cap Rate, Gross/Net Income, Expenses (taxes, insurance, vacancies, Utilities, repairs & improvements, Taxation benefits, Capital Gains Taxes!, the 20% under-value approach, potential hot regions/demographics.
3:00 - 15 minute break
3:45 - Cottages, Waterfronts: buying, sub-dividing, permits, septic, wells, foundations,
Pre-fabs versus resale versus move existing shell from other lot
4:00 - Course wrap-up, special offers/coupons, consulting & investor services,
recommended books/websites/additional workshops
+ registration for “Millionaire Real Estate Investor" Workshop at Keller Williams,
Textbook Orders

Optional Workshop: “Millionaire Real Estate Investor Bootcamp" (covers buying/selling investment property, goal-setting, contacts etc.), offered evenings at Keller-Williams GTR seminar location, Kitchener, 7 – 10 p.m. (see website above for upcoming dates. Tuition fee is $25.)

Prepared by: David Arama, WSC Real Estate Investing & Developer Corp.
COPYRIGHT 2006 all rights reserved.


Not offered this semester; available on request



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