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Learn how to survive in the wilderness, and how to be prepared for natural disasters, blackouts, etc.
Primitive advanced survival skills: backpacking, pioneer living, disaster preparedness, living off the grid, etc
This program focuses on the psychology of the survival ordeal or lost person situation.

For adults 18+


To practise survival skills and gain indepth wilderness survival experience.


  • backpacking/camping
  • advanced shelter construction
  • primitive/advanced survival skills
  • GPS and orienteering
  • foraging for food
  • equipment
  • panic avoidance and crisis management


  • a 7-day wilderness adventure including 2 days at out Kargus Lake cabin site



  • 2 days/nights at the cabin site
  • 2 days backpacking and campouts
  • 2 days survival simulation experience
  • meal provisions
  • survival manual/DVD
  • certification
  • outfitting if needed
  • Fees: $695. + HST

Open to other groups on request.

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Start_Date Site / Vendor Classes Out_Days Out_Dates
2017-Aug-20 Groupon / WagJag (Kargus Lake Retreat) 0 7 Aug 20-26
2017-Aug-20 Kargus Lake Retreat 0 7 Aug 20-26
2016-Aug-21 Groupon (Kargus Lake, Quadeville) 0 7 Aug 21-27
2016-Aug-21 Kargus Lake, Quadeville 0 7 Aug 21-27
2016-Aug-21 WagJag (Kargus Lake, Quadeville) 0 7 Aug 21-27




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