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Announcement of the Launching of PROJECT LOST

WSC Survival School Inc. (Wilderness Leadership Company) and ARGUS Residence for Youth (Emergency Shelter for Males/Females in Cambridge, Ontario) are pleased to announce the launching of a visionary “Wilderness Challenge Therapeutic Program” for at-risk youth, to be offered to / at social organizations that are responsible for troubled young people.

The program is initially sponsored and partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation (RDF Fund-Recreation Development Fund).

The goal of the program is to offer Wilderness Adventure Challenge Programs (1-day to 7-days duration) to youth at-risk groups, in partnership with various social services organizations and residences throughout Ontario, whereby clients/participants learn survival skills in the wilderness, so that they can learn how to cope and survive in our wild civilized world.

The program focuses (and is not limited to) on the following learning outcomes / changes for clients: improved respect (for themselves, adults, teachers, the environment, and our world), survival skills (for planning, prioritizing, overcoming obstacles and challenges, panic and anger-avoidance), and team-work/building-decision-making skills.

The partnerships involve the professionals at the social services agencies / organizations, and the wilderness expertise and safety-orientations of WSC Survival School Inc.

It is hoped that numerous organizations involved in youth rehabilitation will adopt all or part of this innovative program. Municipalities are also encouraged to utilize the program, to reduce youth problems in their jurisdictions.



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