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Expectations for Acceptance into Program

A Project LOST requirement for admittance to the program includes a complete assessment based on specific minimum criteria outlined by the partnering institution and WSC Survival School Inc.

NO CLIENT IS AUTOMATICALLY ADMITTED TO THE PROGRAM ... each client must meet with a trained assessment officer.

Typically, each client will be chosen based on a favourable review by:
1) The Institution’s Assessor
2) The Program Team
3) References from the Community.

While the goal of Project LOST is therapy through wilderness experience, the best interest of the group as a whole is paramount to overall success of all programs. Students are expected to show motivation, and be willing to participate in all dynamics of the program.

As a result, it’s clear that it is in everyone’s (partnering institutions and WSC Survival School Inc.) best interest to recruit misguided / lost youth, not unco-operative youth.

Project LOST reserves the right to suspend continuation of any participant who violates a minimum code of conduct by means such as:
a) disrespect to a peer
b) disrespect to a Project LOST staff member, or partnering organization’s staffer
c) any alcohol or illicit drug usage (including tobacco)
d) any violence or threats of violence to anyone (could also involve law enforcement intervention if warranted)
e) rude or vulgar language
f) any sexual harassment, to anyone (verbal and/or physical)
g) refusal to participate in any required aspect of the program (unless warranted by a legitimate health concern, ailment, disability, or fear)
h) any behavior deemed to be offensive or inappropriate by peers and/or staff



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