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About Project Lost Youth Survival

In October 2007, Project Lost Youth Survival achieved official “non-profit status”, with a mandate to develop and co-ordinate nature survival-based camps for youth at risk, drug prevention, intervention, and disabilities.

Project Lost Youth Survival has access to a 340-acre wilderness property located northeast of Bancroft, Ontario, which currently has one rustic cabin that can accommodate up to 12 participants, and a staff trailer. We will be developing the property further with additional bunkies, etc.

Project Lost Youth Survival is seeking intake partners in the non-profit sector to work with to achieve similar goals of youth rehabilitation.


Project Lost Youth Survival is always in need of donations, including gear and equipment e.g., camping gear, canoeing equipment, building supplies for construction of camp bunkies and outhouses, etc., and monetary donations for the development of the camps. Monetary sponsors will help inner-city youth at risk /families who cannot afford to pay for the programs. Sponsors can be corporate entities, foundations, and/or individuals.

Partner with Project Lost Youth Survival

Project Lost Youth Survival is looking to partner with the following non-profit youth agencies:

  • youth shelters
  • schools; private, public, and school boards
  • learning disabilities organizations
  • drug prevention agencies
  • municipalities
  • inner city and social housing
  • recreation, and
  • other agencies that deal with youth at risk, troubled youth, youth with disabilities

Project Lost Youth Survival will complete applications for corporate, foundations, and provincial and federal fundings/grants, in partnership with intake agencies

WSC Survival School Inc.’s role:
WSC Survival School Inc. will provide staffing and the Kargus Lake retreat property to Project Lost Youth Survival, bringing our expertise and infrastructure for use with the programs where needed.

About David Arama

As part of Project Lost Youth Survival, Executive Director David Arama brings over 30 years of experience in Outdoor Adventure Education and Youth Wilderness Camps.

David is currently completing an MscEd (concentration of studies in youth nature therapy), and Phd Ed (thesis to be on the development of Project Lost Youth Survival).


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