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Our CWA (Canadian Wilderness Adventures) Purpose

The primary purpose of the CWA program is to make available, to international individuals and groups, the survival skills, safety, and enjoyment, in the wilderness that our regular programs offer.

We have opened our program to include international public offerings as well as our private corporate and business group trips.

The forest can provide great pleasure and enjoyment! Yet, every year hundreds of people become lost in the woods, and often perish needlessly. Their fate is often not a result of their situation, but it is due to their lack of knowledge of the skills needed to deal with such a situation.

How would you cope? If you are lost in the woods what would you do first? Is it true that the necessities of survival are food, water, shelter, heat, and signaling? If so, what is the first priority …? … the second …? …

We will help to give you the knowledge! At the same time, we will offer you survival challenges with which to measure the skills you have acquired. And, we will do it in an atmosphere of safety and fun!

Our programs are recommended for families, groups, corporate entities, and schools. They also serve as incentive programs, and can make great gifts.

We can customize a tour or retreat for your group, taking components of these standard packages, with your requested activities, to design your 'perfect itinerary'!